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Fresno County Assessor Paul Dictos, CPA announced that the 2012-2013 assessment roll was completed on June 27, 2012. The gross assessed value of the combined secured and unsecured property tax roll totals approximately $ 57.3 billion. This is essentially unchanged from the 2011-2012 assessment of $ 57.3 billion.
Assessed value information for all Fresno County parcels will be available July 9 as part of the Assessor’s web site under our Parcel Viewer Application.
The Assessor’s Office reviewed over 130,000 residential, commercial, agricultural and apartment properties for the 2012-2013 tax roll. As a result of these reviews, Fresno County taxpayers received approximately $ 1.1 billion in reductions to assessed valuation (tax relief). Declines in assessments for homeowners and businesses were counterbalanced by new construction and updates in the methodology for valuating agricultural land. These reductions in value assessments are provided under the California tax law and are often referred to as Proposition 8 (Prop. 8 ) adjustments, reflecting the 1979 ballot proposition that authorized them. This is the fifth consecutive year of widespread Prop 8 reductions in Fresno County. These adjustments will be reflected on tax bills issued in October 2012
It is important to remember that Prop 8 value reductions are temporary. Once a property receives a Prop 8 reduction, its value must be reviewed each year to determine whether the January 1st fair market value remains less than its Prop 13 base year value (typically acquisition value) plus inflationary adjustments. The lower of these two values is the value used for property tax purposes.
The Assessor’s Office will be accepting requests for Prop 8 reviews on properties for the 2013-2014 tax roll year ONLY. There is no charge for these requests. It’s part of our service and commitment to you, the public. Further information on the Prop 8 review process can be found on the Assessor’s web site.
Since the 2012-2013 assessment roll is now closed, requests for Prop 8 reviews are no longer accepted. Owners of properties who disagree with their 2012-2013 property values may file an assessment appeal. Information on the appeal process can be found on the Clerk to the Board of Supervisor’s web site,
For more information on property tax assessment, including information on Prop 8 reductions and instruction for filing prospective Prop 8 reviews, taxpayers may visit the Assessor’s website, or visit the Assessor’s office in person at 2281 Tulare, suite 203 (Monday—Friday 8 a.m. -5 p.m.)
Contact: Paul Dictos C.P.A.
Tel. 600-6879 June 27, 2012 email:

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