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Assesement Value for Assessor's Parcel Number 55116308
{{publicData.nr}} {{publicData.street}} {{publicData.city}} CA {{publicData.zip}} - Public record

Assesement Value for Assessor's Parcel Number 55116308 CA {{publicData.zip}}


Area Value
Land: {{publicData.lot_acres}} acres{{publicData.lot_sqft}} square feet {{landValue | currency:"$":0}}
Structure: {{publicData.total_sqft}} sq. feet {{structureValue | currency:"$":0}}

Assesement Value for Assessor's Parcel Number 55116308 located at {{maketitle(publicData)}} is {{landValue -- structureValue -- otherValue | currency:"$":0}}

Appreciation: {{appreciation | currency:"$":0}} ({{appreciationPercent | percentage:2}}) over the last {{dataYears}} years
Depreciation: {{appreciation | currency:"$":0}} ({{appreciationPercent | percentage:2}}) over the last {{dataYears}} years

This property is listed for sale for {{retsData.ListingPrice | currency:"$":0}}

fpMarketValue of this property is {{marketValue | currency:"$":0}} We could not reliably determine the market value of this property. for further information please contact our Broker @ 559-312-6862


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Public Records for Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) 55116308 Multi APN: {{publicData.multi_apn}}

Tax information

Tax year Exempt code Exempt amount Tax rate area Tax amount
{{tax.tax_year}} {{tax.exempt_code}} {{tax.exempt_amount}} {{tax.tax_rate_area}} {{tax.tax_amt}}

Address and Zoning

Site number:{{publicData.nr}} Site street:{{publicData.street}}
Site city:{{publicData.city}} Site ZIP:{{publicData.zip}}
Zoning code:{{publicData.zone_code}} Zoning:{{publicData.zone}}
Map page and axis:{{publicData.map_page}} Access street:{{publicData.access_str}}


Entry Hall:{{publicData.entry_hall}} Bedrooms:{{publicData.bedrooms}}
Family room:{{publicData.family_room}} Dinning room:{{publicData.dinning_room}}
Recreation room:{{publicData.recreation_room}} Utility room:{{publicData.utility_room}}
Other room:{{publicData.other_room}} Total rooms:{{publicData.total_rooms}}
Total bathrooms:{{publicData.total_bath}} Garage type:{{publicData.garage_type}}
Total units:{{publicData.total_units}} Floor plan:{{publicData.floor_plan}}
Lot shape:{{publicData.lot_shape}}


Pool:{{publicData.pool}} Sauna:{{publicData.sauna}}
SPA:{{publicData.spa}} Tennis court:{{publicData.tennins_court}}
Elevator:{{publicData.elevator}} Patio:{{publicData.patio}}
Fireplace:{{publicData.fire_place}} Fire sprinkler:{{publicData.fire_spkl}}


Year build:{{publicData.year_blt}} Building number:{{publicData.building_nr}}
Number of story:{{publicData.nr_story}} Building material:{{publicData.building_mat}}
Roof material:{{publicData.roof_mat}} Founation:{{publicData.foundation}}
Deck type:{{publicData.deck_type}} Wall height:{{publicData.wall_height}}
Air-con method:{{publicData.air_method}} Heating method:{{publicData.heat_method}}
Solar Heater:{{publicData.solar_heater}} Central Air-con/Heater:{{publicData.central_heat_ac}}
Sewer type:{{publicData.sewer_type}} Water source:{{publicData.water_source}}
Building Condition:{{taxData.building_con}}


Lot acres:{{publicData.lot_acres}} Lot square feet:{{publicData.lot_sqft}}
Total square feet:{{publicData.total_sqft}} Garage square feet:{{publicData.garage_sqft}}
Lease square feet:{{publicData.lease_sqft}} Office square feet:{{publicData.office_sqft}}
Lot dimention:{{publicData.lot_dim}} Topograph:{{publicData.topograph}}

Assessment records

Tax year Land value Structure value Other value Total value Change Prior price Last sold
{{tax.tax_year}} {{tax.ass_land}} {{tax.ass_structure}} {{tax.ass_other}} {{tax.ass_land -- tax.ass_structure -- tax.ass_other | currency:"$":0}} {{tax.percentage | percentage:2}} {{tax.prior_price | currency:"$":0}} {{tax.last_sold | currency:"$":0}}

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